Realize the Potential of Fleet Electrification in your Business

Fleet Electrification is here, and given the increased model availability, vehicle ranges, and availability of charging infrastructure, there is no better time to start the fleet electrification journey. ComEd is here to support you with the tools and information you might need to electrify your fleet.

Start your Journey with ComEd
ComEd can serve as your trusted advisor throughout the process and provide support and expertise you may need when identifying and designing sites, selecting and installing chargers and optimizing your charging load.

This journey will provide the following information:

• Understand the benefits of electrifying your fleet
• Learn the basics of charging — both at your site and on the road
• What EV chargers are available
• Options for purchasing electricity and how to manage and optimize electricity used for charging
• Step-by-step processes for ComEd
• Main points of contact at ComEd
• Additional EV initiatives across ComEd and externally, such as available grants or incentive programs

Learn more through our fleet electrification journey roadmap:

Electric Vehicle Charging Map for Ease in Fleet Electrification

This Interactive EV Load Capacity map helps identify potential sites for Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Installation for fleet electrification, workplace charging, and public charging. Whether you are a customer, contractor, or developer, our ComEd EV Load Capacity map can help you identify potential sites for installing EV chargers on ComEd's distribution circuits (13kV and below). Capacity availability on the map can potentially shorten the timeline for charger connection. The map is intended solely for commercial customer use and is not intended for residential EV charging load. This EV load capacity data is an estimate and is provided for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for the established application process of EV charger connection to ComEd's distribution circuits and is subject to change.

Your Roadmap to Drive – Vehicle Electrification has answers to your questions about installing EV charging stations at all levels of charging!